Picture this…

Your business is growing … fast! There's more demand for your services and products than you can accommodate. Day in and day out, you are watching sales slip away, simply because you don't have the team to service them.

It's not that you haven't been trying to hire. You've got ads everywhere… Craigslist, Indeed… the applications are there, but the quality… Well, that's a different story. The last guy you interviewed looked good on paper, but didn't even make eye contact during the interview. How could you put him in front of your customers?

Finding the right members for your team feels nearly impossible. In fact, you just don't have the time to be hiring, even though a couple of great team members would make all the difference in the world right now.

Sound familiar?

This is a scenario I hear all too often. The worst time to be looking for an A-Player team member is when you are already behind the 8 Ball — in desperate need. When is the best time?

Never… Here's why … it's not even about ‘looking' for that team member. You want to ATTRACT A-Players who are a great fit for your team. That's a whole different approach.

Just like you need to always be marketing in your business, you also need to ALWAYS BE RECRUITING. In fact, it's your #1priority once your business is past the start-up phase.

Successful CEO's spend up to 60% of their time thinking about the PEOPLE in their business.

When you get the PEOPLE right, the endless torrent of ‘other problems' in your business disappear.

Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business Psychologist™ and author of How to Hire the Best specializes in transforming small businesses into highly profitable, Great Places to Work!

Employee problems can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for any business owner. With her background in psychology, and years of driving profit in small business, Dr. Starling knows what it takes to find, keep and get exceptional performance out of your biggest investment-your employees.