Why Doing it Yourself Doesn’t work in Small Business

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As a small business owner, you likely consider yourself to be a self-starter who is willing to work hard. Initially, it felt terrific to have your own business. After all, you are your own boss. No more answering to somebody else. You have received good feedback from your customers. Business is picking up. Yet, something doesn't feel right. Lately, working in your business has not been fun.

You are working weekends and late into the night, just to keep your business afloat. You are doing everything in your business–advertising, bookkeeping, dealing with customers, ordering supplies, etc. You are seeing your business grow, but you dread it getting any bigger because you can't manage the demand now. You are making a common mistake of the small business owner–doing it all yourself.

That's right, being a hard working, self-starter has undermined you! Although you are doing all sorts of tasks yourself to save money, you are spending an incredible amount of time learning to do things that are totally new to you and outside your area of expertise. And, you have run out of time. There simply is not another hour in the day that you can find to do all those unfinished tasks for your business. Your spouse is fed up with your absence around the house. Your children have quit asking you to do things with them because they already know you are “too busy.”

Tragically, many businesses fail or fail to turn sufficient profit, not because the owner did not have a good product or service, but because of poor time management. Many business owners fail to consider that time is a precious, valuable commodity. As a business owner, you must think strategically about your time.

Begin thinking about your time like you think about money. Your time is more valuable than money because you cannot make more of it. Once it is gone, it’s gone.

Is it really the best use of your time to be doing everything in your business?

Delegate, then use your time to think strategically about your business. Develop your vision for your business. What will your business look like in five years? Who is your Ideal Client or Customer? How will you serve their needs better and better?  How will you continue to deliver the same high quality product or service when your customer base has grown from 10 customers to 1,000, or even 10,000 customers?
When you are asking those questions of yourself and developing well-thought out answers to those questions, you are investing your time wisely as a business owner.

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Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business Psychologist and international best-selling author of the How to Hire the Best series and The 4 Week Vacation™, is the founder of Tap the Potential and host of the Profit by Design podcast. At Tap the Potential, we work to free business owners from the constant demands of a growing business.

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As The Business Psychologist, and with her years of driving profit in small businesses, Dr. Sabrina knows what it takes to find, keep, and motivate exceptional performance out of your biggest investment—team members.