Weekend Inspiration…

Funny story… A few years ago, my daughter saw a post on social media about a family welcoming their mother back from a long trip with a sign,

“Welcome home from prison, Mom!”

Yes, she did that to me when I got back from my next trip.

Ever since then, she likes to surprise me with signs at the airport when she greets me. This time around, she came with this drawing.

It's heartwarming.

After I studied it for a minute, and told her it was really inspiring, her eyebrows furrowed as she pointed out to me, “Mom, do you see the clouds and the rain?”

That's when I realized what she'd drawn. You see, we tend to think about life as a series of peaks and valleys, ups and downs.

This drawing is different. It's a staircase, not peaks and valleys. Each step builds on the next and the challenges are great, even in the good times.

And, we grow from ALL of it.

Where in your life are you climbing?

How are you growing stronger, not just through the challenges,
but also in the good times?

P.S. Her drawing is inspired by Langston Hughes' poem, Mother to Son.
You can listen to it here.

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