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Meet George

Let’s get Strategic! Whether it’s the New Year or you decide it’s time for a new start, a good strategy can begin at any point. What’s most important is that you HAVE a strategy. How are you going to make change happen without a roadmap? Meet George, who’s just like you! He’s following the strategy pathway, The Tap the Potential Solution™.

The Tap the Potential Solution™

…to growing a Highly Profitable, Great Place to Work, that allows you to take a 4 Week Vacation. See below for outlined steps. And, take our assessment to see where you land on the journey!

Tap the Potential Solution Step 1

Step 1: Design Your Business to be Sustainably Profitable

Focus on growing profit over growing revenue. It’s not about what you make. It’s about what you keep. Take your profit first.

Tap the Potential Solution Step 2

Step 2: Niche Down with a Clearly Defined Sweet Spot

Complexity is the enemy. Create a clear niche around your sweet spot. Become the sought-out solution in that niche. That allows you to systemize and automate some things, decreasing your time and labor needs.

Tap the Potential Solution Step 3

Step 3: Innovate

Innovate with technology, automation, materials, and processes that reduce your need for labor.

Tap the Potential Solution Step 4

Step 4: Build a Lean and Mighty Team

Design your business to operate with a smaller team. Invest in that team by hiring top talent for clearly defined roles. Compensate them well, and create a great place for them to work. Work on yourself to be the leader you need to be to create a highly profitable, great place to work.

Tap the Potential Solution tep 5



Step 5: Network Using the Hire the Best A-Player Attraction System™

Always be on the lookout for A-Players, and build relationships with them. If you wait for an opening to start looking, you are too late.

How close are you to having a highly profitable, great place to work?
Could you take a 4 Week Vacation™? 

Take our 10-minute assessment to discover which foundational pieces you have firmly in place, and what to work on next to transform your business into a highly profitable, great place to work that allows you to take a 4 Week Vacation™.

Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business Psychologist™ and author of the How to Hire the Best series is the founder of Tap the Potential. Tap the Potential specializes in transforming small businesses into highly profitable, Great Places to Work, then sending business owners on a 4 Week Vacation to celebrate that accomplishment.

Never one to accept the status quo or back down from a challenge, Dr. Sabrina’s How to Hire the Best series grew from her desire to solve the toughest hiring challenges interfering with her clients’ growth and profitability. What sprang from her experience working with entrepreneurs in rural areas catapulted her into becoming the world’s leading expert in attracting top talent in small businesses — no matter what hiring challenges those businesses are facing — and earned Tap the Potential’s reputation as the go-to resource for entrepreneurs committed to creating great places to work with thriving coaching cultures and highly engaged team members working from strengths.

With her background in psychology, and years of driving profit in small business, Dr. Starling knows what it takes to find, keep, and get exceptional performance out of your biggest investment — your team members.

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