Unlike other coaching and training companies, Tap the Potential is renowned for our attention to impactful, actionable learning, specifically designed for the entrepreneurial business owner eager to advance your company, while dealing with the daily complexity of a growing business, juggling multiple responsibilities, and excessive demands on your attention. Below you will find how we can help you laser focus your attention on action steps customized to your business that generate the greatest impact.

Below you will find how we can help you laser focus your attention on action steps customized to your business that generate the greatest impact.

Better Business Better Life Program

Be the leader you need to be to have the business that gives you your life back!

People. It all comes down to people.

The people part of growing a business can be extremely challenging for entrepreneurs. Successfully navigating recruiting, hiring, training, developing, engaging and motivating team can seem baffling. Yet, this is the most critical aspect of growing a business that gives you your life back. At Tap the Potential, this is our Sweet Spot.

In our Exclusive Small Group Coaching Program, we support you in being the leader your team needs, as we equip you with the tools to create a highly profitable, great place to work.

Ready to turn your business into a highly profitable, great place to work?

Ready to work toward a business that gives you REAL freedom – one that can run on it’s own while you take a 4 Week Vacation™?


Our Exclusive Small Group Coaching Program is the heart of the life-changing business transformations we create at Tap the Potential.

How to Hire the Best Course

PEOPLE. It all comes down to PEOPLE.

The quality of your team members determines how successful you will be in creating a highly profitable, great place to work.

Clients in our How to Hire the Best Course enjoy tapping into Dr. Sabrina’s and the Tap the Potential Team’s years of experience in addressing the myriad of people challenges that arise in a growing business as we support our clients in successfully navigating the inevitable people challenges arising in a growing business.

Pumpkin Plan

At Tap the Potential, we are Pumpkin Plan Certified.

The Pumpkin Plan is THE system for developing a highly refined strategy for explosive, organic business growth.

With the Pumpkin Plan, we will help you zero-in on your business’ Sweet Spot.

THIS IS GOLD! With our guidance, you will know exactly what to execute in your business to drive PROFITABLE, SUSTAINABLE GROWTH.

Breakthroughs Retreat

Work supports life… not the other way around!
3 Days … 25 high-level entrepreneurs … intimate setting … masterminding with renowned business authors and experts … planning your 4 Week Vacation™.

Leadership Bootcamp

Tap the Potential of Your A-Players

Effective leaders in a small business propel the business forward by leaps and bounds. You need team members who are your allies in transforming your business into a “Great Place to Work!”

In Leadership Bootcamp, Dr. Sabrina Starling brings her unique experience as The Business Psychologist™ to tap into your team member’s strengths to quickly transform a good employee into an invaluable asset to your company.

Coach Approach

The questions we ask determine the solutions we find. Ask a better question!

Imagine team members delivering results, continuously striving to improve performance, holding accountability for actions and decisions, and tapping into one another’s potential to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Imagine a coaching culture within your business.

In the Coach Approach On-Line Interactive Workshop, we support your team and you in creating and thriving within a coaching culture.

Profit First Consulting

We’re on a mission!

85% of small businesses survive paycheck – to – paycheck.

99% of our clients DO NOT!

99% of our clients have REAL MONEY in a bank account that is PROFIT (not just a Profit and Loss Statement that says they were profitable). This is money that is NOT being plowed back into the business for daily operations.

It is REAL MONEY. And it is GROWING continually.

99% of our clients are experiencing REAL RETURNS on their entrepreneurial investment in the growth of their business.

( What about the other 1%? They just started with us last week 😉 )

We walk with you!

We walk you through the action steps customized to your business that generate the greatest impact.

And, we know unexpected events trip the best of us up, often at the worst time. We know how to navigate the complexities of whatever curveballs life throws your way as we work on your business. We’ve got your back.

You’re busy right?

Your time is valuable (in fact, it’s worth $10,000 an hour when you know where to focus!)

At Tap the Potential, we make it our business to bring you easy-to-implement, yet highly impactful tools, resources, and strategies to grow your business.

We know what works!
And, wasting time and resources is not it…

Our client’s report

Finding & keeping stellar employees with much greater ease (“Hiring was so much easier this time around!”)

Higher revenue and exponential increases in profits (“These are REAL results!”)

Leading more effectively (“I know exactly what to do.”)

Greater satisfaction in relationships with spouses, family members, colleagues, team, and vendors (our favorite result … spouses, team members and colleagues noticing the positive transformations in our clients!)

More time freedom and flexibility (they are scheduling 4 Week Vacations!)

Enhanced employee performance (“My team has my back!”)

A more positive outlook, combined with increased clarity, focus, and peace of mind (“I’m in a really good place”)

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What our clients have to say

CEO of Contractor Business Solutions shares the life-changing business transformation he experienced while working with us…

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