Recruiting the Perfect A-Player for Your Small Business with Erin Longmoon

Have you ever worked in a toxic work environment? If so, you're going to love today's guest, Erin Longmoon, of Zephyr Recruiting. Erin is on a mission to eradicate toxic workplaces. She is doing this by placing A-Players in small businesses through her unique recruiting strategies. Listen in to today's episode, to hear her conversation with Dr. Sabrina and Mike.

In her previous company, Erin worked as a business consultant and coach for small businesses. She constantly encountered clients who needed support in building strong and connected dream teams, but who could not afford traditional recruiters. Erin gets very worked up about the little guy not getting what the big guy has, so she came up with a solution, and that's how Zephyr Recruiting was born.

Erin is the Chief Idea Officer and Overseer of The Realm at Zephyr Recruiting. Her magical powers include empathy and the ability to read people, knowing what's underneath the facade (very valuable in the recruiting process!). Erin is also really good at solving problems and coming up with new and awesome ideas. Tune in now for solutions to your hiring challenges!

Show Highlights:

  • Erin explains how she found that her mission is to eradicate toxic workplaces.
  • Erin's recruiting company is committed to finding the best fit for their clients.
  • Dr. Sabrina discovered that it can take up to eight years to turn a toxic culture around.
  • Weeding out the “B” and “C” players so that the “A” players can thrive in the environment.
  • Toxicity in the workplace almost always begins with the business owner and can grow from the very best intentions.
  • It's very challenging to place great people in places that are not great to work in.
  • Erin talks about her transition from business coaching and consulting to recruiting.
  • How Erin helps business owners with their recruiting process.
  • Erin talks about her process and she explains how she's different.
  • How most traditional recruiters work.
  • Erin's company finds a good fit for both the candidate and the employer.
  • Why small businesses cannot afford to make the mistake of a bad hire.
  • Erin's company works on a one-time flat fee and they also have discounts.
  • Employee loyalty is one of the areas that can give you the opportunity to have your profit 200-10 000% higher than your peers in your same industry.
  • Erin has two free articles for you, the listener, on her website. One of them is called Eight Secrets To Ensure Employee Loyalty.
  • How featuring your “A” player employees on your website and on social media increases your client loyalty.
  • How Erin builds on the work Dr. Sabrina does with clients to get the A-Players they need.
  • Erin recommends Dr. Sabrina’s Masterclass and Complete Course at She finds that business owners who have been through that program are much better positioned for quickly and successfully recruiting A-Players.
  • Go to Erin's website,, to read the article, The Five Secrets That This Is The One, to help you figure out if you have the right candidate to hire. You will also find The Eight Secrets To Ensure Employee Loyalty there. Both are available to you for free.
  • Erin has a surprise gift too! If you need some recruiting for your business and you contact Erin within the next 60 days, you will receive a 20% discount.


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