There is something really fun happening over here at the Entrepreneurs Retreat Center this next week…

We’re on RETREAT!

25 of us are gathering for 4 days at the Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreat to work ON our businesses, engaging in $10,000 an hour strategizing, while making new friends, reconnecting with old friends and learning from one another.

We’re going to be looking at the leverage points in each of these businesses. Leverage points are the low hanging fruit, that when intentionally addressed, generate dramatic (e.g., 900%) increases in profit in a year’s time, as well as more freedom for us to be away from our businesses.

Many of our Retreat participants are moving mountains to get here, and bringing key members of their team. Why? They recognize the value of “trading up” their time from doing $10/hour and $100/hour activities to $1,000 and $10,000/hour activities. What is a $10,000/hour activity? Read on…

To give you an idea of what it means to do $10,000/hour work on your business, versus working in your business doing $100 an hour work, take a look at this Chart of $10,000/Hour Activities.

We look forward to this event each year. It’s a lot of work on our end to make it happen, and it’s soooo fun and soooo worth it!

Because we are on RETREAT, our offices will be closed this next week. We are going all in!

In fact, we feel so strongly about the value of being fully present in the moment with one another, that we are encouraging our participants to take part in the No Cell Phone Challenge during the Retreat – there’s a double benefit to this because by planning to be unavailable during this time, they are setting up systems – to take a REAL vacation.

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P.S. We don’t make you eat crawfish at our Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreat, but you can if you want to! 🙂

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