Free Yourself From Your Business

Join Dr. Sabrina Starling in this free invite-only workshop where you will get first-hand insight on the impact of  hiring A-Players and how How To Hire The Best can dramatically impact you and your business.

Join Us – Thursday, April 29th
9am PDT / 11am CDT / 12pm EDT

This is a 45 minute intimate and interactive training with Dr. Sabrina. Please bring your questions and challenges with respect to hiring and growing your team.

*This will be recorded.  Be sure to sign-up even if you can't make it live.

If you’re like most small business owners, you dread hiring employees.

An applicant may look great on paper and interview well. Yet, once you bring a new employee on board, you may be sorely disappointed in the employee’s performance.

What went wrong?

Surprisingly, the traditional hiring process actually sets small business owners up to mis-hire 75% of the time.

Mis-hiring is too costly!

It’s time to stop doing what every other small business owner is doing, and learn more effective hiring strategies.

It's time to consistently attract a
steady stream of A-Players chomping at the bit to work
for you so that you can grow your business WHILE
freeing up more and more of your time.

Join Dr. Sabrina Starling, author of How to Hire the Best and The 4 Week Vacation® (coming this Fall), as she reveals the foundational elements for designing your business to be sustainably profitable, while freeing up your time for what matters most.

I am excited to continue to work with you and your team but I felt the urge to send a quick thank you email. I can truly “feel” your desire to help us all and I just want to express my gratitude for your willingness to help and offer wonderful solutions.

Micah Dennis

President, Paradise Restored Landscaping

We knew we had all the tools to be a great company, we just didn’t know how to use them. Tap the potential pulled us our of our comfort zone. They stretched us and challenged us. After 3 years of working with this team we have more profit, more peace, more direction and more fun then we ever have before.

Andrew Tvardzik

CEO, Cedar Ridge Log Homes

I thought I was a good boss. I thought I was a great business woman. But my staff seemed to hate me and my stress level was through the roof. After being with Tap the Potential, I have assembled an A-team staff who works from their strengths, loves their jobs, and has decreased my stress by 90%.

Dr. Nancy Trimboli

CEO, Trimboli Chiropractic