5 strategies to assure effective execution of the How to Hire the BestTM Solution: Part Three of Five, Innovation

In my upcoming book, How to Hire the Best, I outline the solution we coach our clients through at Tap the Potential, to not only attract A-Players to the business, but to ultimately create healthy margins and a great place to work. 

Here is a glimpse into step 3. (If you missed 1 and 2, here are the links to Sustainable Profitability and Sweet Spot.)

Once you’ve set your business up to be sustainably profitable and identified your Sweet Spot, it’s time to innovate! When it comes to hiring the best, innovation plays a big role — maybe in a surprising way. Read on…

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Early in my career, one of my clients kept stalling on the strategic work we needed to do to get his business in order. Week after week, he’d tell me “We’re short-handed, so we need to hold off on some of these higher level initiatives until we get that solved.” One day, I challenged him:

“Short-handed is the new status quo. Let’s design your business around the assumption that you will always be short-handed.” He was finally able to move forward.

Restrictions force creativity and innovation. Being short-handed is the new status quo. Design your business with that in mind. It’s time to get creative and innovate.

Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill the time available to complete it.

When it comes to project based work, work expands to the time and people allotted to do it. Reflect on your own experience. Think about the last time a warm body quit. You probably saw your A-Players hunker down and pick up the slack, all the while sighing with relief that the warm body was no longer around.

If you do have processes in place, evaluate them. What steps can be eliminated? What inefficiencies can you remove? Approaching your processes with a mindset of improving efficiencies can instantly reduce your labor needs—and costs.

Ready for Innovation?

  • Get Creative in How You Utilize the Team You Have
  • Identify Niche-Specific Efficiencies
  • Innovate Using Technology

More details available in my book, How to Hire the Best.
(Contractor Edition coming Fall 2019!)

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