Innately, perhaps you know your Immutable Laws, but are you truly living them? Are you using them? In business speak, we often talk about our core values. And, while these terms are often used synonymously, at Tap the Potential, we really do think it goes deeper than that.

Immutable laws are those innate boundaries we set for ourselves, that define the way we DO business. 

Identifying your immutable laws provides you with not only a foundation to your full potential (and that of your business), it provides you with a decision-making model for who to hire, when to fire, how to spend your money, how to price your products, whom to market, which systems to choose, and on and on… 

How do you define the feel of your business? 

Your Immutable Laws are the seeds to the culture of your business. 

Immutable laws are the FOUNDATION of your business that will support you in fulfilling your vision, while creating the framework for the culture of your business.

How do you identify your Immutable Laws?

I teach this step-by-step in my How to Hire the Best Masterclass (it's free!)

What are our Immutable Laws at Tap the Potential?

  • We attract the best clients and serve the heck out of them!
    We devote ourselves to our clients achieving their highest potential while being their best selves. Our clients can count on us. We do what we say we're going to do.
  • Walk the talk, even when it's hard.
    There's no other way. Be real. Take risks. Be vulnerable.
  • Celebrate WINS and intentionally do more of what works
    Being in business is tough…do the HAPPY DANCE whenever you can! Show up ready to work hard and have fun.
  • Mistakes are learning opportunities
    Vent, learn and keep moving forward! Ask, “What can be learned from this?”
  • Work supports LIFE … not the other way around.
    Our work is in service of the 3 F's: Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfillment – in your business and ours.
  • Be a gift from our gifts.
    We seek opportunities to use our strengths to add value for our clients and our communities.

Your Immutable Laws are key to creating a “Great Place to Work!”

Think about it… when there is drama going on among your team members, at the root is usually a conflict with core values. When you hire team members with similar Immutable Laws, there will be a lot less conflict. They will get along well with your Ideal Clients because they also have similar Immutable Laws.

Think about your Ideal Client (you have defined that, right?). Well, why are they ideal? They allow you to do what? I bet you’ll say something along the lines of “My ideal client will pay me what I’m worth and see my value.” Ok, so what defines your value to them? And, more importantly, how do your clients (or your team or your close circle of friends) add to your value?

Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First and The Pumpkin Plan (we are certified in both, by the way) describes Immutable Laws as “The Rules of Your Life”. Writing a list of values is one thing. Living them, is quite another.

When you can truly define your Immutable Laws, you create safe boundaries for solid decision-making and leave room in your head for larger problem-solving, innovation, and care-taking (self care included, and a priority).

Knowing your Immutable Laws is key to successfully hiring A-Players for your team.

In fact, if you are Pumpkin Plan fan, you'll love the process of Pumpkin Planning your team once you have your Immutable Laws in place. Check out my free How to Hire the Best Masterclass to learn more about this!

Your Immutable Laws are Key to a 4 Week Vacation

When your business is focused on its own Immutable Laws, your team is united and systems aligned for the most profitable outcome. This also frees you up for your 4 Week Vacation!

You can create all kinds of systems and processes for things to run smoothly in your absence. Yet, inevitably, something will come up for which there is no procedure.

When your team embraces your Immutable Laws, you do not have to worry about how they will handle it. You will be able to TRUST their decision-making. More than likely, they will handle it better in your absence.

Set things up right, so you are clear and precise on your values and what fuels you (and your team).

Know and set your Immutable Laws today. Make swift redirection as needed. Clean the slate, get the right people on the team, and do business with clients who hold Immutable laws similar to your own. It makes business and life so much more enjoyable!

For more on Immutable Laws, check out one of my videos: “How to Hire the Best BONUS CLINIC: Turn Your Immutable Laws Into Compelling Stories

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