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3 Simple Steps to Hiring Your Next A-Player

Hiring the right talent is the number one challenge for small business owners with ambitious growth aspirations. If your business is experiencing a surge in demand that your existing team can't handle, it's time to learn the art of hiring the best. The key to unlocking the untapped potential in your business lies in attracting and retaining A-Players.

Did you know that a single A-Player can outperform 9 to 12 average team members? It's true! While most business owners resort to traditional hiring practices that result in a staggering 75% mis-hire rate, there is a better way. Join Dr. Sabrina Starling, a renowned expert in talent acquisition for small businesses, as she reveals the cutting-edge strategies working right now to attract and retain top-performing A-Players.

This eye-opening presentation will give you invaluable insights into why A-Players are the linchpin of profitable revenue generation. These exceptional individuals are not just productive; they are 900-1200% more productive than average employees, providing a tremendous boost to your bottom line. Dr. Starling will guide you through the tangible benefits of cultivating a team of A-Players and demonstrate how they can revolutionize your business's growth trajectory.

By attending this presentation, you will:


Learn the crucial role A-Players play in driving profitable revenue for your business.


Understand why traditional hiring practices often lead to mis-hires and how to avoid them.


Gain actionable insights to create a workplace environment that nurtures and retains A-Players.


Discover the 3 Simple Steps to Hiring Your Next A-Player

Don't miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the talent market and unlock the extraordinary potential within your business. Join Dr. Sabrina Starling and take the first step toward building a dream team of A-Players who will propel your business toward sustainable and profitable growth.


Dr. ​Sabrina Starling, PhD, The Business Psychologist, is the international bestselling author of How to Hire the Best and The 4 Week Vacation®. Founder of and host of the Profit by Design podcast, she and her team are on a mission to disrupt hustle culture by sending 10,000 entrepreneurs on a 4 Week Vacation® in 10 years.

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