Company newsletters are great tools to serve the needs of your top clients and customers, while promoting employee engagement and recruiting new team members.

Do you have a company newsletter?

Company newsletters are great tools to serve your top clients and customers, while promoting employee engagement and recruiting new team members.

In this Great Place to Work Spotlight, we are proud to feature the #WORKFAMILYLIFE Newsletter from Charlotte Wasmer and her team at Virtual Partner Advantage (VPA).

Read on to get my Great Place to Work Tips for making the most of your company newsletter.

5 Great Place to Work Tips for Company Newsletters

Tip  #1: First and foremost, your company newsletter should serve the needs of your clients. 

Charlotte and her team have surveyed their clients and learned that one of their biggest challenges is hiring great team members.  To help with that, their recent newsletter features solutions to help their clients with their hiring challenges.

They invited me in for an interview about the strategies from my book, How to Hire the Best, which we captured on video,  and they now have a resource to share with their clients to help them with this challenge (you can watch the video here.)

When selecting content for your company newsletter, keep in mind, you can provide solutions to your clients' biggest challenges by going outside the services you provide. This adds value for your clients, and allows your business to continue to focus on serving clients from within your Sweet Spot.

Tip #2: Real people work at your company. Let your clients get to know your team members.

Clients and customers love getting to know more about your team. Your company newsletter is a great way to introduce your team members to your clients and customers.

This offers a bonus when it comes time to recruit new team members. When your clients and customers know your team, they also have a better understanding of who the ideal team member is for your team. Your clients and customers can be the best sources to refer your next A-Player to your team.

Charlotte and her team regularly share updates about their team members in the #WorkFamilyLife Newsletter. Check out their Employee Spotlight, featuring Jamie Webster. Isn't that fun?

Tip #3: Share your team building activities and company culture in your newsletter.

On the cover page of the newsletter,  they highlight how their annual barbecue was a perfect example of their family atmosphere at Virtual Partner Advantage.  Ken Wasmer grilled his famous steaks, while team members and their families swam and played yard games including Kube, Boche, Corn Toss and Croche. Doesn't that sound like a great place to work?

Other team building activities are also highlighted in the newsletter. The team at Virtual Partner Advantage love to keep learning. They recently had a voluntary book discussion of The Pumpkin Plan. Team members shared their take aways from the book. The take aways are all ways they are adding value for their clients, which leads to the next tip…

Tip #4: Let your team members share their learning in your company newsletter. 

Not only is team member learning highlighted in the article about the Book Discussion of the Pumpkin Plan, Kathryn Grunzinger shares how they are applying all they have learned about hiring A-Players. This showcases the high standards they have for their growing team, while providing insight that will be useful to their clients in their own hiring process.

Tip #5:  Feature your clients in your newsletter. 

The team at VPA go above and beyond for their clients, even inviting them to spend a couple of days with them. One of their clients, Ted Warner, recently visited and shares his impressions. Be sure to check out this article. It's a beautiful example of how to partner with your clients to deliver value. I can only imagine the pride the team members experience in reading Ted's comments about his visit and his entire experience in working with the company.

great places to workThe Tap the Potential Great Place to Work Spotlight features small businesses intentionally creating a great place to work by nurturing their company culture.

At Tap the Potential, we love helping small business owners create Great Places to Work.  We encourage our clients to share best practices to support other businesses in doing so, as well.

Thank you for sharing with us,  Charlotte!

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