Reading books together is a great team-building activity, particularly when team members choose the book and participate voluntarily. That is exactly what happens at Core Growth Strategies. Something pretty amazing has grown from this practice at Core. Read on…

Christeen Era, owner of Core Growth Strategies, is sharing the Dream Manager with her team members.

Christeen is taking it one step further, though. She's turning this into a team-building activity with vision boarding. Since they are a virtual team, Christeen has found a creative solution. Check out her letter to her team, along with the article she is including on the power of Vision Boards.

I highly recommend both the Dream Manager and Vision Board exercises for your team. It's well worth it!

UPDATE: Since this post was published, Christeen shared with me the impact the activity is having not just on her team, but on their families, as well. One of her team members got her entire family making vision boards. Here is what she emailed Christeen the next day:

“Oh my gosh! We were all up till 2 last night doing vision boards!!!! EVERYBODY did one! … Best idea ever…thanks for giving us memories we'll cherish forever!”


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At Tap the Potential, we love helping small business owners create Great Places to Work.  We encourage our clients to share best practices to support other businesses in doing so, as well.

Thank you for letting us share this, Christeen!

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