Gift to Yourself

 Stretch beyond your self-imposed limits and let yourself imagine what's possible for 2015.

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle this year, take time to give yourself a special gift. Commit to spending some quiet reflective time with your favorite person – you! This practice will do more than support you through the “craziness” of the season. It will ensure that you are committed to making choices about your life and to making 2015 the year that brings you back to yourself and awakens your dreams!

Completing the Old

Step One

Look at all the areas of your life, reflecting on 2014. You may want to use the Wheel of Life for this part.

  • List all of your wins, successes and breakthroughs.
  • List all of your losses, disappointments and breakdowns.

Step Two

Choose 5-7 lessons you have learned this past year that you want to take into 2015. When thinking what to include, remember that you will want to consciously use these lessons in the coming year.

Creating the New


  • Imagine ahead to 2015.
  • Write a list of your wins, successes and breakthroughs for 2015.
  • Be specific and write them as if though they have already happened.
  • Look at each area of your life and make the list as long as you like.


Combined with this, some clients love to do a Vision Board for the coming year. This might take the form of a poem, story, collage, or drawing; anything that captures the essence and excitement of what you are stepping into in the year ahead. Check out Karyn Greenstreet's blog post about vision boards to learn more about this process.

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