How do you make a profitable decision on where your business should go?

Recently, one of our clients, entrepreneurial business owner,Greg Eisenbeis was interviewed on the Profit First Podcast. Greg is facing a fork in the road on what’s been making money for him up to this point, but his excitement has faded away… and now he’s looking to start a new business that can be a game-changing concept for the world.

Greg has found an interesting question to ask himself to determine if he should take the risk of starting this new business or to stick to what’s already made money: 5 years from now when he sits down with his kids, will he be proud of what he’s doing and proud to be sharing it with them? Join Greg on his quest for starting a new business and the decisions he’s facing.

Greg is the owner of EIS engineering. They help companies take their 10 year old science project to a super stout industrial machine–kind of like professional legos! Using his areas of expertise in precise environmental control, nutrient injection, energy generation, and data center cooling,  he is starting a vertical indoor garden that revolutionizes the way food is produced and distributed that uses only 5% of water traditional crops use, and changes the number of harvests from 3 to 4 a year (assuming the weather didn’t kill your crop) to 12. Gone are the days of weeks old produce before you get access….think 2 hours.

Catch Greg’s interview here

WARNING: The Profit First podcast is a zany ride! Those with sensitive ears have been known to take offense – but they also derive  lot of value along the way

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