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The Dream Manager Program is one of the most unique and holistic benefits you can provide your team member!

The Dream Manager Program (“The Program”) is the ultimate life-coaching program developed and implemented by Floyd Consulting. The Program is based on the concept that unfolded in The Dream Manager story and is complemented by personal strategic planning practices. Together, these areas provide a comprehensive approach for people to achieve their dreams and develop a personal strategic plan for their life. Key concepts from another Matthew Kelly book, The Rhythm of Life, help to provide a holistic approach to each session so that participants can move toward greater life satisfaction and discovering the-best-version-of-themselves®.

As participants are challenged to develop a life-changing personal strategic plan, The Program experience provides regular accountability, thought-provoking content, and encouragement to follow through with the plans they develop. Our trained and Certified Dream Manager guides the process and lead your team members through The Program experience.

Participants meet with their Dream Manager® monthly in a 90-minute group session. During each of these sessions, one module from The Dream Manager course is covered. Each session has unique material as well as common elements that provide continuity from one session to the next.

Each participant receives a Dream Manager Program workbook to take notes, write observations, complete exercises, and track progress from one session to the next. Take-home activities allow participants to keep
momentum going between coaching sessions with their Dream Manager and help them create positive habits. These take-home exercises allow participants to integrate Program content into their life and apply what they have learned.

While the Dream Manager’s main responsibilities are to facilitate The Program, provide accountability, celebrate successes and offer feedback, it is the participant’s responsibility to engage with the content and apply it to their life to maximize impact and results.

How does The Dream Manager Program benefit YOUR BUSINESS?

  • Creates dynamic relationships
  • Improves morale
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Decreases unwanted turnover
  • Develops management and leadership skills
  • Teaches employees to think strategically about business challenges
  • Stand out when recruiting. Dream Manager coaching is a unique and powerful team member benefit.
The Dream Manager Program supports you in developing mutually invested relationships. The best way to create buy-in from your team members for your vision is to identify how the achievement of your vision supports them in achieving their dreams.

How does The Dream Manager Program benefit individuals?

  • Helps employees develop a personal strategic plan
  • Creates clarity around goals, ambitions, and dreams
  • Develops life satisfaction and balance
  • Improves health and wellness
  • Provides extraordinary career pathing
  • Increases engagement in life, work, and relationships
  • Develops management and leadership skills
  • Provides a vision for a bigger future
  • Increases engagement in life, work, and relationships

Overview of Program Content for Year One

Session 1 - Your Essential Purpose

In this introductory session, participants learn about the structure of The Program and discuss their specific hopes and expectations. To provide the foundation for The Program, the participants are invited to expand their list of dreams and review the various learning opportunities that are used throughout The Program. The Dream Manager provides each participant with a Program workbook containing sessions 1-12, copy of The Rhythm of Life, and a dream journal. The participant and Dream Manager discuss how to make the most of The Program and affirm the confidentiality pledge that is part of their relationship.

Session 2 - The Architecture of Dreams

Participants learn how to develop a specific and measurable action plans to achieve their dreams in this session. The Dream Manager challenges each participant to refine their target dream action plans and equips each participant with a framework to achieve dreams on their dream list. To set the stage for the future sessions, participants identify four target dreams to achieve so that the Dream Manager can provide regular accountability throughout The Program.

Session 3 - Money and Your Dreams, Part I

Because each dream has a financial component and because so many participants select target dreams from the financial area, session three begins a two-part look at the financial area and each participant’s financial habits. This session explores the genesis of each participant’s feelings toward money and provides a quick diagnostic look at the participant’s financial reality. The main take-home activity is for each participant to create or refine their personal budget.

Session 4 - Money and Your Dreams, Part II

Continuing the focus on the financial area from Session 3, this session stretches participants to consider what it would take for them to secure financial freedom and challenges them to consider how much things really cost – in
terms of both dollars and time in their life. To provide a baseline for future comparison, participants complete a personal net worth calculation as part of their take-home.

Session 5 - The Genius of Personality

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® as a discussion tool, participants identify their personality type and explore how their type impacts their work, relationships, and energy. Participants review the report overview for their
unique type and to look for ways in which their strengths and areas of opportunity emerge in their life.

Session 6 - Time and Energy

The session provides participants with an opportunity to look at how they spend their time and how they manage their energy. By completing a 24-hour time inventory, participants can better identify how they spend their time
and look for activities to eliminate, reduce, or replace in effort to increase their energy. Discussion also challenges participants to identify the people, places, and activities that flood or drain their life with energy.

Session 7 - Physical Mastery

An exploration of diet, sleep, and exercise habits helps each participant identify ways in which they can become the-best-version-of-themselves in this session. Participants identify at least one new habit that relates to the physical area and are encouraged to focus on that habit as a take-home activity.

Session 8 - Emotional Mastery

Tailoring Matthew Kelly’s framework from The Seven Levels of Intimacy to the goals of The Dream Manager Program, this session helps individuals improve their relationships. The Dream Manager and participant examine The Seven Levels of Intimacy model and discuss connections to actual relationships in each level.

Session 9 - Intellectual Mastery

While some people do not feel that they are intellectual, questions are provided to help participants explore other ways to learn and grow beyond just traditional education. This session highlights the Program’s goal of helping each person become a life-long learner.

Session 10 - Spiritual Mastery

This session explores how participants can nurture and grow in spirituality—whatever that might look like for each participant. Specifically, this session focuses on ways that we can better understand who we are and what our connection to the larger world is. For some participants, a particular faith practice is shared as a way in which they explore this area. For other participants, these pursuits are not mentioned or brought up. In keeping with the participant-focused approach of the Program, The Dream Manager® follows the direction that the participant sets in this session. After exploring spiritual dreams for each participant, and how to grow in spirituality, the session concludes with a look at how spiritual disciplines can help create self-possession and ultimately, freedom.

Session 11 - Professional Mastery

Connecting the role that the professional area plays in our overall pursuit to become the-best-version-of-ourselves, participants explore professional dreams for their past, present, and future in this session. The Dream Manager® helps participants develop specific and measurable action plans to achieve certain target dreams that are important to their professional growth and satisfaction.

Session 12 - Your CharacterIs Your Destiny

As a way to identify growth from participating in the Program, session 12 begins with an inventory of ways in which each participant’s life is different in comparison to when they started with the Program. With the understanding that virtue is the ultimate organizing principle for us as humans, the Dream Manager and participant explore the role that virtue plays in their life. Participants look for ways to grow in virtue and develop their character. This session concludes with a look ahead to year two of the Program and the specific areas that the participant would
like to focus on for the next 12 months.

Meet Our Dream Manager®

Melissa Swire is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Director of Operations and Marketing, and has worked for Tap the Potential since 2019. She served as a corporate Director of Operations for 18 years and had to pivot her career after a life-altering circumstance. Lovingly often referred to as “a force of nature” Melissa is always up for a challenge and turns her biggest obstacles into opportunities. Melissa opened an Etsy shop in 2012, and within nine months grew the business to a top 1% worldwide shop, ranking 1779 of 2.5 million shops! Yet she quickly fell into the survival trap, working seven days a week, spending sleepless nights thinking about payroll, marketing, the never-ending task list, and spending little time with family and friends. She sought after the sweet spot of her business, and made another pivot.

Recognizing the need of small business owners to free up their time and develop systems for their business, she embraced the role of a business strategist. It became her burning desire to help entrepreneurs break free from the struggle of the business that keeps them from enjoying what matters most. As a Certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist, she helps business owners to identify their vision and strategy to break out of the survival trap to succeed personally and professionally.

Melissa thrives in helping leaders see their potential, think outside of the box, and dream big! Her training as a Chief Question Officer empowers her to bring out the best thinking, collaboration, action, and results using the Q-Work Approach, a system that optimizes engagement, productivity, communication, collaboration, innovation, and results for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Her favorite thing about working with Tap the Potential is hearing testimonials from our clients sharing how our Better Business, Better Life coaching program has helped them show up better in life and with their families. (And getting to work with the best.team.ever.)!

Why Dream Manager for Your Team?

Dream Manager Program Impact

What can you expect from your investment in Dream Manager coaching for your team members?

Experienced a 34% decrease in turnover after only 5 months.

-Ivana Rochac, Director of HR, Apartment Turnovers, Inc

  • Employees have a more positive attitude
  • Communication has improved dramatically
  • People are excited about their dreams

-Sarah Boltz, CEO of Corporate Building Services

Dan Diesel – VP of Business Strategy at Insulectro
Highlights of the impact of the Dream Manager program so far: 

  • We've got people that would never smile now joking with people.
  • Last month we had 0% voluntary turnover for the first month since I can remember.
  • It reinforces our culture – making individuals stronger makes the culture stronger.
  • People refer each other into the program. It's become a seed…
  • The interesting combination of simplicity & depth makes the program work.
  • It's NOT fluff and is life changing when people commit to it… and most do.



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