Brian Gottlieb, CEO and Founder of Tundraland
shared several insights with me about how he and his team work to stand out in a competitive employment market:

Be a Disrupter to Stand Out as an Employer of Choice

“One of the things we do as a point of differentiation is to look for pain points in the market and say, ‘Okay, how can we be a disruptor?”

“We ask ‘How can we be a disruptor in the way we do business?' or ‘How can we be a disruptor in the way we hire? The way we train? How do we change the norm? How do we become different?”

What happens first?

“What typically happens in most organizations is we get a resume. It's sent to the business owner. The business owner is out meeting with customers or meeting with future jobs or talking with his crews. So, it might be that night or the next day before he actually gets a chance to review the resume and give the person a call. When they get on the phone they do some interviewing and all that typical stuff. There's usually a twenty-four-hour lag time.”

“We look at gathering resumes like we do lead generation. When we place an ad or do a television commercial and the phone rings, we answer right away. We schedule an appointment right away. We want to get them into the home and make a sale.”

“We treat recruitment the same way, with that same level of urgency. So, that's the first thing we do. When we get a resume, we review it and call the candidate within seconds. That is the first thing we do.”

The second thing we do as a point of differentiation is to create creative compensation structures.

“A lot of talented people here in Wisconsin went to the UW school systems and left with a whole bunch of student loans. And these kids, these young, talented minds, don't care so much about how much money they make because they have this weighing anchor around them in their student loans. So, we craft compensation structures that help pay down their student debt for them.”

“These are just two of the things that help us stand out in the market.”

Ready to Disrupt Your Hiring Process?

For more ideas on how you and your business can disrupt and become an employer of choice, check out the How to Hire the Best Series (Rural Business and Contractors Editions available now. Stay tuned for Fall 2020 for the Entrepreneur's Edition!

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