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Creating Company Culture To Attract and Retain A-Players with Kieran Lynch

If you had to hire 10 A-Players this year, how would you do it? Dr. Sabrina has an interesting conversation with Kieran Lynch, the VP of Lynch Power, a very successful electrical contracting company. Kieran's business has grown considerably over the last few years.  They brought 10 new team members on board in the last year. In today's episode, Kieran gives us some of his insights around culture, and he explains how he hires ‘A' Players when he brought on his ten new team members in the last year in the construction industry. He also has interesting perspectives on work-life balance, hiring millennials, working with a parent, and what it takes to grow a business profitably. Tune in now, to hear what Kieran has to share!

Kieran Lynch has over ten years of experience in the electrical industry. He joined Lynch Power (formerly Lynch Contracting) family business part-time in 2004. First helping his father as an apprentice electrician on nights and on weekends, to becoming an integral part to the company's growth and success, as vice president. Along the way, Kieran has held positions of electrical journeyman, foreman, assistant project manager, and project manager. Kieran leads the finance, marketing, and strategic planning departments of Lynch Power, providing new-age guidance on significant decisions for the company. His broad experience, proven leadership, and hands-on approach ensures client satisfaction.

Show Highlights:

  • Kieran explains why he chose to do what he's doing.
  • The challenge of retaining a culture when bringing on more than half of the team in the space of one year.
  • Why keeping the team culture is so important.
  • Dealing with breakdowns in company culture.
  • Kieran gives us an insider's view of his company's culture.
  • The guys in Kieran's team are friends with each other and they enjoy coming to work.
  • Some of the fun things that Kieran does with his team.
  • Where Kieran found the people he hired in the last year.
  • Kieran discusses the employee incentive referral program that he has with his team.
  • Hiring young people and training them to grow with the company.
  • What makes an ‘A' player.
  • Keeping the team happy and engaged, and putting out good into the world.
  • Kieran gives his perspective on millennials in the trades.
  • How Kieran has been able to scale his business over the last year.
  • About the Lynch Power Way.
  • Some pointers for working with your parents.
  • Kieran began implementing Profit First in his business about two years ago. It's really helped them stay aligned.
  • Kieran describes his best client.
  • The importance of having a clear vision.
  • What Kieran's work-life balance looks like right now.

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