Here’s a sneak peek into my upcoming book: How To Hire the Best: The Entrepreneurs Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Performing Team Members (Releasing September 15, 2020)


When you tolerate mediocre team members, work quality suffers, and you spend too much time managing the mediocre team members.
For one lucky family in upstate New York, SuperBowl LIV was less about the Kansas City Chiefs and more about a 60-inch TV screen—a state-of-the-art system won through simply posting pictures of having fun on the job. But not just any job. The winner works at Town & Country Enterprises, a landscaping business where owner Dave Samuelson is reshaping how the company finds, and keeps, exceptional team members.
Staging a selfie contest for a supersized SuperBowl TV is just one of the proactive and innovative solutions Samuelson has discovered to make it easier to attract A-Players to his team. It was clearly time for a change. When one job post for the ideal employee garnered 172 resumes, Town & Country invited 90 percent to apply, and only 26 applied—a number that whittled down to 10 phone conversations, two interviews and one potential candidate. While it was an effective way to reduce the amount of hours Samuelson was spending on the vetting process, it was also an indicator that the business might need some more creative ways to attract A-Players.

Dave’s Immutable Laws

“There are certain things you can change, but if somebody is a jerk, you’re not going to fix that,” recalls Samuelson of one young hire he figured could be changed or molded to fit the company. So, after learning the Hire the Best™ process, Samuelson decided it was time to change the company a bit.
“It’s a bit of a change in philosophy,” he says, “a mindset of becoming a great place to work.” To make sure everyone is on the same page, he’s posted a list
“nonnegotiable rules we live and die by” (i.e., Immutable Laws) on the career opportunities page:
  • Respect for our clients, team, vendors, equipment, tools, money, time, and yourself
  • Purpose with urgency
  • Don’t wait for perfect
  • Be aware of your surroundings, engaged, and observant
  • Be a positive team player who will be missed if gone
  • No jerks allowed. We work for great clients and have the best employees and vendors.

A New Culture, A New Plan

A new culture that begins with these rules, along with a very detailed hiring plan, is pointing the company in the right direction. Samuelson also incentivizes potential hire referrals—offering an initial $250 followed by another $250 upon the hire along with employee-manager one-on-ones in which the employees share what they like best about Town & Country.
“We’re learning about the guys, and what their hot buttons are,” he reports.
Sometimes, that hot button just happens to be on the remote control during the SuperBowl.

For tips on how to work through these problems and coach your team more effectively, please be sure to check out How To Hire the Best:The Entrepreneurs Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Performing Team Members, releasing September 15, 2020.

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