Ready to take your life back from your business?

Ready to work toward a business that gives you REAL freedom – one that can run on it’s own while you take a 4 Week Vacation™?

If so, TAP THE POTENTIAL’S EXCLUSIVE Better Business, Better Life™ Program is where the magic happens! You’ll work intimately with Dr. Sabrina and the Tap the Potential Team to move your business into being a highly profitable, great place to work.

Start here by taking our Assessment to discover which foundational pieces you have firmly in place, and what to work on next to transform your business into a highly profitable, great place to work that allows you to take a 4 Week Vacation™.

What do we address for you in our Better Business, Better Life™ Program

From employee problems…
…to working ’round the clock struggling to keep up with the demands of a growing business
…to cash flow or profitability issues…
…to customer problems…
…you name it. If it’s happening in your business and it’s causing you stress, we’re here to help!

BUT…we don’t stop there. We empower you to THRIVE. We address all areas of your life. After all, WORK SUPPORTS LIFE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Work intimately with Dr. Sabrina and the Tap the Potential team to execute the most impactful actions you can take to move your business into being a highly profitable, great place to work that gives you REAL freedom.

Her latest book reached #1 New Release on its very first day!

Dr. Sabrina has developed the Tap the Potential™ Solution to transforming a cash- and life-sucking business into a highly profitable, great place to work. The solution consists of the execution of 5 strategies: Click here to see these strategies.

When properly executed, the Tap the Potential Solution™ allows for significant top-line revenue growth (no matter how tight the labor market), coupled with strong profit growth.

Topline revenue and profit growth rarely happen simultaneously when an entrepreneur doesn’t have the Tap the Potential Solution™ in place! Usually the opposite happens… revenue grows and profit shrinks or worse…debt accumulates rapidly!

When properly executed, the Tap the Potential Solution™ allows for significant business growth, WHILE freeing up the owner’s time.

When navigating growth alone, typically the opposite happens … as the business grows, the demands on the owner’s time increase exponentially. You end up with less and less of a life, always feeling as though you are chasing an elusive dream of freedom that is always just out of reach.

The Tap the Potential Solution™ is responsible for the powerful Success Stories we share with you with respect to our clients experiencing strong revenue growth, exploding profit, hiring A-Players and taking 4 Week Vacations™.

The bottom line… Tap the Potential Solution™ creates strong revenue growth WITH strong profit growth AND more time freedom for you.

Our clients in our Better Business, Better Life™ Program have access to Dr. Sabrina and the Tap the Potential team for guidance in successfully implementing the Tap the Potential Solution™.

Other ways in which our Better Business, Better Life™ Program is unique…

While the Tap the Potential Solution™ makes what we do HIGHLY UNIQUE and SPECIALIZED with respect to the solution that is available to entrepreneurs, there are other key ways in which our Better Business, Better Life™ Program is unique in the entrepreneurial space.

Unlike other coaching and training companies, Tap the Potential is renowned for our attention to impactful, actionable learning, specifically designed for the entrepreneurial business owner eager to advance your company, while dealing with the daily complexity of a growing business, juggling multiple responsibilities, and excessive demands on your attention.

Founded by The Business Psychologist™, Dr. Sabrina Starling, Tap the Potential’s Better Business, Better Life™ Program is grounded in time-tested psychological principles, combined with attention to cutting-edge research on how we learn, grow and evolve.

Our program is crafted to laser focus your attention on action steps customized to your business that generate the greatest impact.

When you join our Better Business, Better Life™ Program we will conduct our signature TAP YOUR PROFIT POTENTIAL ANALYSIS™ of your business and deliver a customized ACTION PLAN to move your business from relying on your daily attention to growing organically and profitably without your daily involvement.

In short, we know HOW to deliver life-changing business transformations…fast!

We know unexpected events will trip you up. AND, we know how to get you through them so that you hit your goals – no matter what curveballs life throws your way.

You’re different and we are, too.

We are not a “one size fits all” coaching company, taking a cookie cutter approach to your business.

When you work with us in our Better Business, Better Life™ Program, you can be confident we take into account the unique circumstances of your business and your life – even your own personality and leadership style – to make recommendations specifically tailored to your needs.

You need a great team.

Tap the Potential offers that rare combination of business growth services combined with the deep knowledge of how to hire the best and engage employees to build a great team—all of this delivered within a no-fail system to grow your profit and put you on a trajectory to free up your time.

FREEDOM awaits you!

Powerful transformations happen during the course of a year with us.

First off, our groups are SMALL. You will be in a group with 3 other business owners, so you get plenty of individual attention in these VIRTUAL meetings.

Are you a family ownership team? Do you have a co-owner?

You’ll be excited to hear that we want all of you joining us in group! No one gets left out of the decision-making when it comes to driving your business toward your goals. We want all owners’ strengths coming into play to transform your business and propel you toward your goals.

Dr. Sabrina and her team GET PEOPLE. We handpick group membership to set each client up for success. We take into account personality, stage of business, current challenges, and each client’s area of strength that will be an asset to the other members of the group.

You benefit from our coaching, along with the experience and wisdom of your peers.

Plus, you have a trusted peer group pulling for your success, cheering you on through your successes and picking you up, dusting you off and encouraging you when you get knocked down.

You can’t help but be accountable to take action to move your business forward from week to week.

Join an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who are focused on transitioning their business into an asset that creates wealth and time freedom.

Very few people understand entrepreneurs and the challenges we face—especially our family and friends. Our Better Business, Better Life™ Program is the place where you can connect with people who experience the same things as you and have similar aspirations and challenges.

You will be masterminding with other A-Player business owners to share best practices to grow your business in the healthiest, most profitable way.

By the way, we do something else a little different… we serve clients across various industries. This is a great benefit to you!

In fact, a study published in the Harvard Business Review (Nov 21, 2014) touts the benefits of this cross-industry masterminding for innovation and problem-solving, as well as standing out among your competition in your industry.

We don’t recycle the same concepts you hear over and over at your industry conferences. Our cross-industry masterminding keeps you continually exposed to fresh ideas and ways to stand out in your industry. It’s no wonder you will discover industry leaders in our groups (although, they wouldn’t be likely to tell you this themselves. Our clients are humble).

Our Masterminding is different, too…

We don’t just brainstorm solutions to challenges. WHY?

The questions we ask determine the solutions we find.

In the typical Mastermind, a member throws out a challenge and group members jump in with problem-solving. But, what if the question being asked is the wrong question? is too narrowly focused? or only focuses on resolving a symptom of a much deeper problem?

Tap the Potential is pioneering the way to more effective Masterminding for entrepreneurs by utilizing Q-Storming® , a process developed by Dr. Marilee Adams of the Inquiry Institute.

Q-Storming® is based on the premise that “every question missed is a crisis waiting to happen.” It is a method for discovering questions to make breakthrough differences in decision-making, problem-solving, strategic planning, innovation, operational excellence, and culture.

Typically, questions open thinking, while answers often close down thinking. Q-Storming® is a tool for moving beyond limitations in perception and thinking and advancing to novel and extraordinary solutions and answers. It focuses on:

Getting clear about all the questions that need to be raised and answered to form an impactful goal

Eliciting, discovering, and developing new questions to reach that goal

Converting these new questions into actionable items

Q-Storming® is similar to brainstorming, yet more powerful.

Q-Storming® instills the mindset of holding oneself and others accountable.

The Q-Storming® we use with our clients transforms their mindset and changes how they lead — for the better.

REAL Coaching Happens in our SMALL Groups…

Dr. Sabrina Starling is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, as well as a Board Certified Coach. ICF is the International Coach Federation, which is the gold standard in the coaching industry. ICF provides a Code of Ethics for coaches to follow. Tap the Potential follows the ICF Code of Ethics. There are no ethical guidelines that coaches are required to follow, so you want to work with a coach who values their professional affiliations.

Our strategists pursue additional training in ICF-Certified Coach Training Programs.

Coaching can be like the “Wild West.” Anyone can call themselves a coach and many do. Your next door neighbor can lose his job tomorrow and decide to be a business coach the next day. Furthermore, many programs claim to offer “group coaching” or “masterminds”, which are nothing more than glorified Q&A sessions on a call with 20+ participants. Our coaching groups are SMALL on purpose.

You need to know who you're really dealing with. Does the coach walk their talk? Is the coach running a healthy, profitable business? Here's a shocker: there are many “rockstar” business coaches going broke in “internet-land.” They can drive a 6-figure launch and will proudly tell you about it all over social media, while they are building 7-figure debt!

We walk our talk and we’re proud of that. Because of that we have a deep appreciation for what you experience as we work with you through this transformation in your business.

We walk our talk and we’re proud of that. Because of that we have a deep appreciation for what you experience as we work with you through this transformation in your business.

Be the Leader You Need to Be to Have the Business that Gives You Your Life Back

At the heart of every highly profitable great place work is an owner who recognizes, “I don’t know what I don’t know” and recognizes she or he has blindspots that interfere with goal attainment.

At Tap the Potential, our clients enjoy the safety of our Better Business, Better Life™ Program to get real, take risks and be vulnerable to receive powerful feedback that enhances their personal growth and leadership.

THIS IS THE EXPERIENCE OUR CLIENTS CONSISTENTLY EXPRESS APPRECIATION FOR THE MOST. Nowhere else can an entrepreneur get this type of feedback within a safe, supportive environment from other entrepreneurs who totally GET what you are going through, and have no vested interest in the outcome — other than wholeheartedly supporting you in succeeding to attain your goals.

How to Hire the Best

PEOPLE. It comes down to PEOPLE

The quality of your team members determines how successful you will be in creating a highly profitable, great place to work.

Clients in our Better Business, Better Life™ Program enjoy tapping into Dr. Sabrina’s and the Tap the Potential Team’s years of experience in addressing the myriad of people challenges that arise in a growing business.

Never one to accept status quo or back down from a challenge, Dr. Sabrina’s How to Hire the Best series grew from her desire to solve the toughest hiring challenges interfering with her clients growth and profitability.

What sprang from her experience working with entrepreneurs in rural areas catapulted her into becoming the world’s leading expert in attracting top talent in small businesses — no matter what hiring challenges those businesses are facing — and earned Tap the Potential’s reputation as the go-to resource for entrepreneurs committed to creating great places to work with thriving coaching cultures and highly engaged team members working from strengths.

Her latest book reached #1 New Release on its very first day!

How to Hire the Best: The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Performing Team Members

is the third book in the How to Hire the Best series. In this powerful book, Dr. Sabrina shares crucial hiring strategies to transform your small business AND improve your personal life.

Dr. Sabrina and the Tap the Potential team know what it takes to attract, retain, and motivate A-Players. Your business is your biggest investment and shouldn't be an energy drain. With the right people and systems in place, you can TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

Identify gaps in your business and begin planning your next steps today! TAKE THE FREE ASSESSMENT NOW and receive immediate feedback.

When you are participating in our Better Business, Better Life™ Program, we’ve got your back when it comes to growing a highly engaged team working from their strengths!

New clients coming into our program enjoy taking the Peoplemap™ Assessment to identify strengths and Achilles’ Heels. We use this insight to support you in building a team that leverages your strengths and compensates for your Achilles’ Heels.

This makes work fun again — for everyone on your team!

Pumpkin Plan

At Tap the Potential, we are Pumpkin Plan Certified.

The Pumpkin Plan is THE system for developing highly refined strategy for explosive, organic business growth.

With the Pumpkin Plan, we will help you zero in on your business’ Sweet Spot.

Inconsistent sales, price competition and poor quality clients are symptoms of an unclear Sweet Spot. Your Sweet Spot is the intersection of your Top Clients, Your Unique Offering and Your Process. When your Sweet Spot is not clearly defined, your business will exhibit symptoms that put stress on you and your team, while eating away at your profit.

When you join our Better Business, Better Life™ Program, you get full access to our Premium Pumpkin Plan Services, including our team’s analysis of your Top Clients’ perceptions of your business.

THIS IS GOLD! With our guidance, you will know exactly what to execute in your business to drive PROFITABLE, SUSTAINABLE GROWTH.

We are the most experienced team of Pumpkin Planners out there. Our Founder, Dr. Sabrina Starling, was the first Pumpkin Plan Strategist to be certified. She has taken thousands of entrepreneurs through this process. In addition, Stacey Seguin, one of our Strategists, also trains new Pumpkin Plan Strategists. When you Pumpkin Plan Your Biz with us, you are in the best of hands!

Profit First 

Wanting our support to implement Profit First in your business?
We put an end to sleepless nights worrying about cash flow.

Our Better Business, Better Life™ Program CLIENTS get access to Profit First Coaching for a successful implementation of the Profit First System in your business.

We are a Master-Certified Profit First Firm. Our Founder, Dr. Sabrina Starling, was the first Profit First Professional. She has taken thousands of entrepreneurs through Profit First. In 2018, she was honored to be named Profit First Contributor of the Year.

At Tap the Potential, we have a reputation for exploding our clients’ profit (e.g., 900% or more in the course of 9 months!)*

Because we are working comprehensively on our clients' businesses, analyzing all aspects of the business, our clients benefit from our ability to zero-in on the actions that have the greatest impact on driving profit. Many implementing Profit First on their own never attain these results.

Profit First isn’t just a system for us. It’s a financial strategy…and a way of life.

We believe in designing your business to be sustainably profitable so that you can live the lifestyle you desire. In fact, our Founder, Dr. Sabrina, believes so strongly in this, she and her co-host developed an entire podcast on this topic.

Check out the ⟶ Profit by Design Podcast to get an inside glimpse of what goes on at Tap The Potential once you are a member of our Better Business, Better Life™ Program.

Many of those featured on the podcast are our clients.
Others are entrepreneurial thought leaders we bring to our clients to further their work with us.

Is TAP THE POTENTIAL’S Better Business, Better Life™ Program a good fit for you?

Are you an entrepreneur who…

Seeks out the best practices for growing your business?

Values shortening your learning curve by learning from other entrepreneurs’ experiences?

Enjoys sharing with, supporting and helping other entrepreneurs on their journey?

Thrives in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are as invested in one another’s success as they are in their own?

Takes pride in growing a business integral to your local economy, while providing team members with opportunities to improve their circumstances?

Sincerely desires to create a highly profitable great place to work, not just to improve your own circumstances, but also to better the circumstances and opportunities for your team members?

Is down to earth, approachable, and willing to lend a helping hand?

If you answered YES! to all of the above, you could be a great fit to work with us in our Better Business, Better Life™ Program

Fix This Next

We're proud to be Fix This Next founding fixers

The latest book from best-selling author and friend of Tap The Potential, Mike Michalowicz, teaches you the vital change to level up your business! If you ever feel trapped between stagnated sales, unhappy customers or employee turnover, Fix This Next is your answer.


Your next step is to complete our Assessment to discover how far along you are in creating your own highly profitable, great place to work that allows you the freedom to take a 4 Week Vacation™.

Once we receive your completed Assessment, you will be invited to schedule a meeting with a member of our team to debrief your results. During this meeting, we will conduct a Profit Audit of your business.

The Profit Audit will reveal the Profit Potential that exists within your business. This is how we determine that you will receive a minimum 3:1 Return on Investment that we require for you to move forward into our Better Business, Better Life™ Program. If that determination is made, and you are a good fit for our services, we will extend an invitation to you from that meeting to join our program.

If you accept our invitation to join the Better Business, Better Life™ Program, we all do the HAPPY DANCE because we know another highly profitable, great place to work is being born.

You, your family, your team, all your team’s family members, and your larger community all will be benefiting tremendously from your step forward.

* Please be aware every client’s situation is different and we cannot guarantee results because so much hinges on your willingness to implement the guidance we give you. (That being said, we are good at spotting A-Players 🙂

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