The Entrepreneur's Ultimate
Guide to Taking Your Life Back
from Your Business

We’re on a mission to disrupt the traditional story of entrepreneurship.
You know the story: grind it out, work long hours, sacrifice your health and important relationships all for the business.
Work should support life, not the other way around. Get ready to take your life back from your business!

Dr. Sabrina has written a masterpiece! Having helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs in my career, I know the challenges they face, particularly in relation to the toll the business takes on one's health and close relationships. The 4 Week Vacation is a game-changer for entrepreneurs seeking to take their lives back from their business.

Gino Wickman

Bestselling Author of Traction and The EOS Life

If there were an Entrepreneur's Declaration of Independence, from entrepreneurship's destructive tendencies, this book would be it.  It clarifies why work supports life and not the other way around…AND exactly how to build both a thriving life and business.  Wherever you are in your journey as an entrepreneur, you can't afford not to read this next addition to Dr. Sabrina's brilliant line of books.

Darren Virassammy

Co-Founder 34 Strong, Inc, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host


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Now Is The Time To
Take Your Life Back From Your Business

Are you working extremely long hours, sacrificing your health and your important relationships, all for the sake of your business? If so, you’re not alone. This is what we entrepreneurs are led to believe drives success. Yet, it is not sustainable. Grinding it out is grinding us up. Work should support life, not the other way around. The irony is the less we work, the more effective we become. In The 4 Week Vacation™, you will discover strategies to build a thriving life and business. Get ready to take your life back!

In this book, I am promising you much-needed R & R by following the Tap the Potential Solution™ laid out on the pages ahead. And, I am promising you something greater than that—taking your life back!

Time is precious. It is more precious than money. We can lose money and make more of it (we’re entrepreneurs, after all, right?).

However, we cannot lose time and make more of it. As Andrew Tvardzik, CEO of Cedar Ridge Log Homes shares: “The money is great. Don’t get me wrong. But, the time with my wife and children… that’s invaluable.” Andrew gets it.

It’s the time for what matters most that is the most valuable.

I want to show you how to design a sustainably profitable business that gives you your life back.  Are you ready?

“There is no question that this is one of the best guides for small business owners that I’ve come across. For small business owners who are committed to having a successful business AND a successful life, this is your new Bible. If that’s you, get and read this book yesterday. It will change your life!”

Marilee Adams, Ph.D.

Bestselling author, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

Work Supports Life, Not the Other Way Around

Join The Movement and Take The Pledge

The 4 Week Vacation is packed with strategies to help entrepreneurs to take their lives back from their businesses. If you are looking to stop grinding it out and work less and have more money in your bank account than ever through reliable and proven strategies, this will show you the way.

John Jantsch

Author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Ultimate Marketing Engine

Three years ago, at the Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreat, I took Dr. Sabrina’s challenge to plan a 4 week vacation from my business. I had no idea at the time how I would accomplish this. The journey I have been through since has vastly improved my business and my life in ways I could not have imagined at the time. If you want to know how to do the same for yourself, read this book! You won’t be sorry.

Donna Leyens

President of Pumpkin Plan Your Biz


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