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Meetings that Motivate Employees and Drive Profit

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Has this ever happened to you? You hold a meeting with your employees intending to motivate them and get everyone working together as a team to do their best. You talk. They listen. They may seem interested, or at least they nod their heads in the right places, but then. . . . they go out and do the same old things and nothing has changed. Ugh!!! Continue reading

Quick Tip to Reduce Employee Absences


If you have ever found yourself in the frustrating position of foregoing your own time off because you are covering for employees who unexpectedly call in sick, consider adopting the following Paid Time Off (PTO) policy: Continue reading

The #1 Hidden Profit Sucker in Small Business

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~Reader Feedback~ Strategies to Fill Entry-Level Positions

Jon Wood
owner of Tulsa Poop 911, has figured out what it takes to find and keep great employees who come to work every day and scoop poop. But, Jon’s employees don’t just scoop poop. Their team is dedicated to providing dog owners a safe and clean environment for outdoor enjoyment. Continue reading

From Chaos to “Smoothville” in Your Small Business

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“We’ve had a lot of turnover recently and brought on some new employees. I just haven’t been able to train them the way I would like. So many things are falling through the cracks. Our customer service is really slipping. I need to get everybody on the same page. We have some systems in place, but not everybody knows what these are. If we had good procedures in place, I know things would go better. I just don’t have the time to get it all done. I have so much on my plate, I don’t even know where to start.” Continue reading

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