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Quick Tip to Reduce Employee Absences


If you have ever found yourself in the frustrating position of foregoing your own time off because you are covering for employees who unexpectedly call in sick, consider adopting the following Paid Time Off (PTO) policy:

Let employees cash in on PTO they accumulate. Here’s how this works. 

If you have a PTO policy, set a cap on the amount of PTO that an employee can accumulate in the PTO Bank. Allow your employees to take out prescribed amounts of PTO in cash in lieu of leave time.

Consider that PTO time can also be cashed out with pretax dollars in the form of employer contributions to a 401(k) or a cafeteria plan.

This can be an attractive perk for your employees, and reduce the headaches you experience from unplanned employee absences.

Reference: HR for Small Business by Charles Fleischer

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