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Employee Solutions: Reduce Re-Work


How many times have you delegated something, only to have your employee turn the work in and you are disappointed in the quality of the work that was done? Here’s a quick employee solution to help you with this problem that plagues so many small business owners.

51QIWA1fCNL._SL160_LargeBlogIn her ProfitCon interview earlier this week, JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s Your Business and author ofIt’s Your Business: 183 Essential Tips that Will Transform Your Small Business shared this tip to help you maximize your investment in employees:

Ask your employee: “Is this your best work?”  If not, ask the employee to not turn the work in to you as complete until he or she can answer with a resounding “yes” to that question.

Right off the bat, this will save you time from reviewing the work and providing the employee with feedback on ways to improve the work that was done. It ensures that when you do review the work and give feedback, you can focus only on what is most essential to improve for next time around, rather than giving feedback on all sorts of “little details.”

Best of all, this question raises the bar for performance in your business. You are letting employees know you only want the best from them. Every time your employees step it up a notch, you’re getting more out of your investment in employees, quality goes up, and so does morale.

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