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“Sweet Spot” GET INTO ACTION Gift Pack ($997 value!)

I created this GET INTO ACTION Gift Pack to help you get started right away implementing what you have learned on today’s webinar. 

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  1. Download 2 Case Studies to see how other business owners like yourself have not only discovered their business ‘Sweet Spot,’ but also leveraged this discovery to grow their business and increase profit. 

Case Study #1 Jeff Mcmenamy, Owner of Teton Therapy

Jeff McMenamy_Sept 10 NL and TTP Blog

Jeff McMenamy_Discovering His Business Sweet Spot Transforms His Life




Case Study #2 Olivia Prince, Owner of Wind River Realty


Olivia Prince Shares How Zeroing In On Her Ideal Clients Changed Her Business




2. Grab my “TOP 3 Questions to Ask Your BEST Clients RIGHT NOW” Tip Sheet

White notepad and ink pen on the wooden desk Helpful tips conceptDrSabrina’s Tip Sheet_My TOP 3 Questions to Ask Your Best Clients RIGHT NOW




3. Get your Business “Sweet Spot” Finder

Clinic_3_Sweet_Spot_DiagramSweetSpot Diagram





4. Download the Client Asssessment to Zero-In on your Top Clients and Customers

Client AssessmentClientAssessment (with Page #s) 





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If you own a business and just can’t seem to get a handle on it, contact Dr. Sabrina Schleicher at Tap the Potential. She is AMAZING! She is a business coach who knows her stuff. It is well worth it and you won’t regret it!

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