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Cut Hours from Your Workweek with this Simple Strategy


There are lots of ways we get in our own way when it comes to running a business. Although I can’t address all of them here, I will share one with you, along with a simple rule of thumb to help you free up your time.

Many business owners are perfectionists. You want to do things “just right.” If perfectionism is a struggle for you, you could be spending excessive time trying to do all kinds of things in your business just right. You also may be having a hard time letting go and delegating tasks if you are focused on the tasks being done just right (ie., “your way”).

To let go of perfectionism, apply the 90% Rule. Consider that if you can do a task to a 90% level of perfection in 4 hours versus a 100% level of perfection in 7 hours, you can save yourself 3 hours. That’s a lot of time!

If you recall from college, 90% is still an ‘A.’

What is even better than the 90% Rule? The 70% Rule. 70% is a ‘C’. Recall, that a ‘C’ is average.

Not all tasks that you do in a given day require 100% from you. Which tasks can you give 90% on and still be doing an excellent job? Which tasks can you give 70% on and still be doing an average job?

To help you identify where you may be overworking out of perfectionism, consider your Business’ Sweet Spot. Your Business Sweet Spot is what you offer that is unique to your business that serves your Ideal Clients or Customers and is streamlined to be highly profitable. Anything related to your Sweet Spot absolutely should be executed with care and precision. Anything not related to your Sweet Spot does not require perfection from you.

Try this:

1)     Start by identifying your Business’ Sweet Spot.

2)     Next, list out all of your activities over the course of a week. Evaluate which activities directly serve your Business’ Sweet Spot. Put an asterisk by these.

3)     Now notice which activities are not directly related to your Business Sweet Spot.

4)     Find a way to delegate those activities not related to your Business’ Sweet Spot.

5)     Next, get to work on creating systems so that your business systematically delivers an outstanding customer experience around your Business’s Sweet Spot.

Remember, your time as a business owner is best spent innovating and creating systems around your Business’ Sweet Spot so that your business is serving your Ideal Clients or Customers better and better.

By getting clear on which tasks can be done sufficiently with less time and effort, you can cut hours from your workweek. Plus, you’ll free up time to focus on streamlining your Business’ Sweet Spot.

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