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Congratulations Veronica Schreibeis and Vera Iconica Architecture!

Congratulations Veronica Schreibeis and Vera Iconica Architecture!
Photo_July 30 NLMike Michalowicz, Veronica Schreibeis, Barry Moltz and
Rieva Lesonsky

Congratulations Veronica Schreibeis and Vera Iconica Architecture of Jackson, WY for winning the 2015 Rule Breaker Awards.

The Rule Breaker Awards celebrates those entrepreneurs who have succeeded by doing it their way. Some have created whole new industries; others have revolutionized industries that have existed for hundreds of years.

Founded by Veronica Schreibeis, Vera Iconica Architecture creates experiences, not buildings. Vera Iconica is challenging society’s understanding of an intuitive design process and sharing emerging studies of wellness impacts of materials going beyond the standard ‘Green’ conversation.

A team of A-Players, Vera Iconica is structured after a ball bearing, not a pyramid. They have hired 5 people in the last 6 months, and will open international branch offices to infuse the marketplace. In addition, they are creating a parallel non-profit to share research and act as a catalyst in changing what our society values in the design world.

Congratulations, Veronica, on being a true Rule Breaker! It is an honor to get to work with you.

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