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Coach Approach: Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Business

 Coach Approach 

Imagine… your team members taking initiative, thinking on their own, engaging in creative problem-solving, making decisions and taking action in alignment with your Immutable Laws, while serving the highest interest of your top clients and customers, team members and strategic objectives.

Imagine team members at all levels engaging in open, honest, supportive communication with one another.

Imagine team members routinely giving supportive and critical feedback to one another.

Imagine teams working in harmony to achieve high goals.

Imagine… a coaching culture. 

A coaching culture is about delivering results, continuously striving to improve performance, holding accountability for actions and decisions, and tapping into one another’s potential to achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

In the Coach Approach On-Line Interactive Workshop, Dr. Sabrina Starling brings her unique experience as The Business Psychologist™ to support  your team and you in creating and thriving within a coaching culture. 

Here is an overview of the topics covered in the Coach Approach:

  • What is coaching? 
  • Who is coachable?
  • When should you coach and when should you do something else instead?
  • How do you manage your ‘hooks’?
  • How to manage judgmental thinking (the biggest roadblock to effective coaching) 
  • Applying the Choice Map™ in day-to-day conversations
  • Holding accountability and creating a high performance culture
  • How to coach weaknesses and ‘Achilles Heels’ so that these do not undermine performance and team goals.
  • How to engage and leverage the strengths of team members to tap their full potential.
  • How to use coaching skills to improve communication with customers, team members, direct reports and your supervisor.
  • Coaching when the stakes are high. How to integrate coaching skills into crucial conversations for better outcomes.
  • The bigger picture…coaching dreams and goals to fully engage team members and drive loyalty.
  • PLUS…lots of opportunities to practice new skills and receive feedback in a highly supportive setting.

Registration in the Coach Approach Includes:

  • 6 live on-line Clinics  (90 minutes)
    • Clinics will be held Wednesdays 1:00-2:30 CT (2:00 ET; noon MT; 11 PT), beginning Jan 17.
    • Each clinic includes a Practice Lab to try out your skills. 
  • Recorded for easy access if a session is missed
  • Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Dr. Marilee Adams
  • The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier

Who Should Participate?

  • Business owners
  • Team members with leadership potential.*

    *Leadership Bootcamp is a prerequisite for your team members to participate in Coach Approach training. 


“When I am looking at skills I want our leaders to master, the Coach Approach is priceless. Going through your Coach Approach program was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I went through it twice. I use it everyday.”

Jeff McMenamy
Teton Therapy



Your Investment:

$697 per Team Member

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NOTE: Registration closes Dec 31, 2017. This workshop is offered once per year. 

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What Clients Say…

Sabrina is essentially the most profitable employee my business has, yet she is not on the payroll. She facilitates me to have insights about my business and myself that no one else can. She opens my eyes to my weaknesses and my strengths and you need to see both to be successful.

Jeff McMenamy – Co-Owner
Teton Therapy PC