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5 Steps to Eliminate the High Cost of Employee Disengagement


Employee disengagement and ineffectiveness drives many small business owners crazy. You know you are not getting the best out of these employees and they are costly to keep on your payroll. I share 5 steps to eliminate the high cost of disengagement from your business. Continue reading

Attracting & Keeping the Best Employees

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If you’ve been struggling to attract qualified applicants to fill open positions in your business, rest assured, you are not alone. In fact, many small business owners across the country have this struggle as they compete with corporate America for talent. Continue reading

From Chief Cook and Bottle Washer to Leader

Frustrated woman cook in an apron and toque wringing her hands and gnashing her teeth in desperation as nothing seems to be going right

Many say parenting is the most challenging role we’ll ever undertake. But, there’s a role that’s even more challenging—being at the helm of a rapidly growing small business.

We small business owners sometimes refer to ourselves as “The Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer,” because we are filling multiple positions in the business, rolling up our sleeves and working right alongside our employees. We pour our blood, sweat and tears into meeting the insatiable demands of our growing businesses. This is why so many of  feel depleted, burned out and hopelessly tethered to our businesses. 

Successfully navigating explosive growth, and coming out on the other side with a thriving business and a high quality of life, requires a different mindset and a different set of strategies than the ones we relied on when we started our business.  

What is explosive growth really like?

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Are You Getting Sucked Into the ‘Profit Black Hole?’

slide1Have you been noticing how difficult it is to be profitable as your business grows? If you’re like me, when you started out in business, you probably thought that “one day” you’ll actually make more than you spend—that you’ll actually be profitable.

Yet, for some reason, that day never comes. Your business grows, but so do expenses. You keep getting by paycheck to paycheck.

This is actually very common in businesses below $5 million in revenue. In fact, business owners in this range are very vulnerable to being sucked into the ‘Profit Black Hole’ where no matter how much revenue increases, costs increase even more.  Why is this?
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