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Dr. Sabrina’s Strategies for Effective End of Year Planning (Part 4 of 4)


Dr. Sabrina Starling shares strategies for effective end of the year planning … how to break your vision down into trackable goals … pitfalls to avoid when setting goals … PLUS critical questions most of us fail to consider when planning for the year ahead … AND Dr. Sabrina throws down a challenge that guarantees you more freedom from your business in 2018. 

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Dr. Sabrina’s Strategies for Effective End of Year Strategic Planning (Part 3 of 4)



Today I want to talk to about what you want to create in 2018. I have a very powerful inquiry question that I want to share with you. In coaching, we call an inquiry question a question that you don’t have an immediate answer to, you have to sit with it for a while…several days usually, this is a very powerful question. So I really do invite you to sit with it. Of course pay attention to the first things that come up for you when I ask you this question.  Also, get a notebook and plan to carry that notebook or your phone and take notes on your phone. Carry that around with you and as the ideas come to you over the coming days and the coming week, jot those ideas down.

So are you ready? Here’s that powerful question:

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Dr. Sabrina’s Strategies for Effective End of Year Strategic Planning (Part 2 of 4)


What assets did you create in 2017 that you can leverage? Plus… tips for not falling prey to ‘Bright Shiny Object Syndrome’ … avoiding an ‘overweight’ business that kills profit … higher level strategy with the 80/20 principle and MORE…

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Dr. Sabrina’s Strategies for Effective End of Year Strategic Planning (Part 1 of 4)


In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had several clients ask me about the best way to do strategic planning. 2018 is coming up quickly, so I wanted to share a few strategies with you to get you started with your end of the year wrap up and getting ready for strategic planning in 2018. Continue reading

Are You Getting Sucked Into the ‘Profit Black Hole?’

slide1Have you been noticing how difficult it is to be profitable as your business grows? If you’re like me, when you started out in business, you probably thought that “one day” you’ll actually make more than you spend—that you’ll actually be profitable.

Yet, for some reason, that day never comes. Your business grows, but so do expenses. You keep getting by paycheck to paycheck.

This is actually very common in businesses below $5 million in revenue. In fact, business owners in this range are very vulnerable to being sucked into the ‘Profit Black Hole’ where no matter how much revenue increases, costs increase even more.  Why is this?
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