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Strategy: The Secret Ingredient for Success in Small Business

by Dr. James Cummings


“James, I am not sure that I fully understand what business strategy is … I hear the words, and I read that I’m supposed to have one, but I really don’t understand what one is!” Continue reading

Now You’ve Got Them. How Do You Keep Them? 3 Keys to Retaining Employees

Girl answering questions of employee with laptop

Congratulations! You have found and hired an A-Player. Now what? How do you keep this employee around? Keeping your top employees happy and engaged will take some time on your part, but the payoff is well worth the investment. Obviously, proper training is important to getting your employees off to a good start. But that is only part of the equation for keeping A-Players and getting top performance from you’re A-Players. Here are 3 keys to keeping you’re A-Players that many business owners overlook. Continue reading

Does Your Business Need to go on a Diet?

Surviving the critical first 5 years in business often means trying all kinds of things to see what works, to create a demand for our products or services and to find paying customers. Then once we find those customers, we try to serve all kinds of different needs. We say “yes” to every opportunity that comes our way because we feel pressured to get revenue flowing. While this works to help your business survive the first few critical years, it is not a long-term strategy for thriving. If we continue to operate this way, our businesses become overweight, and the demands are crushing. Continue reading

1 Simple Solution to 10 Financial Problems in Your Business

There is a dirty little secret in the entrepreneurial world: you can have a business with great sales and topline revenue, and very little or no profit. Year after year, you can plow money back into the business to grow it, thinking that one day, it will pay off. But, sadly, for many entrepreneurs, one day never comes. That’s why, when Mike Michalowicz’s new book, Profit First, came out last week, I got so excited! Profit First will change how you manage the finances in your business…for the better. Profit First will make your business instantly profitable. Even better, when you implement Profit First for the long-term, it will solve so many of the problems that keep us business owners awake at night.
Continue reading

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