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Are you tired of working round the clock?

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of a growing business?

Is your business bringing in more and more revenue, yet, you still lay awake at night, worrying about cash flow and meeting payroll?

Are you fed up with underperforming employees, doing just enough to get by, while making mistakes that drive your best customers away?

Are you passing on growth opportunities because you don’t want to be any busier than you are now?

Are you missing out on family vacations, your kids’ dance recitals and baseball games?

Is your spouse complaining because even when you’re home, you’re not mentally there?

Is life passing you by?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Discover the steps you need to take RIGHT NOW to transform your business from a cash and time-sucking monster into a highly profitable, “Great Place to Work!”




The struggles you are having with your business are not your fault. You are really good at that thing you do in your business. That’s why your business is succeeding.

But, the mindset and skills you need to catapult your business to the next level are not skills that are taught in school.

No one expects you to have an MBA!

In fact, you don’t need one. There are many business owners who have reached this level of success, who are very uncomfortable reading their financial statements.

So, if you can’t tell the difference between a Balance Sheet and your Profit & Loss Statement, don’t worry! You are in good company, and all of this can be learned.

Furthermore, most business owners don’t come into owning a business with a doctorate in psychology.

Yet, growing a business means dealing with lots of different personalities, keeping employees motivated and dealing with conflict.

While large corporations have entire departments devoted to hiring and developing employees, small business owners are usually doing it themselves, or with other top managers who don’t necessarily have this expertise either.

The whole process can be daunting!

The truth is, employee headaches keep many business owners awake at night, and employee problems really are the biggest profit sucker in small business.

Business Coaching

Eliminate the profit suckers from your business!

Discover the steps to turn your business into a highly profitable, Great Place to Work!

Advice for Established Businesses

(Because startups have a whole different set of problems)

Here are the problems business owners like you and I struggle with:

  • You have products you think are profitable, but they actually are not.
  • You’re offering services that actually end up costing you money.
  • You don’t have systems in place to track what’s profitable.
  • You have customers eating up your time with their outrageous demands. What they are actually eating up is your profit and your soul.
  • You’re throwing money at expensive advertising. It’s bringing in customers, but is it? How do you know? You don’t know. In fact, it’s likely cash you are throwing out the window.
  • You’re keeping warm body employees around because you need them to get the work done, but they are actually costing you way more than you realize.
  • Your revenue is growing, but you still hop from one cash flow crisis to the next. When will it end? Maybe with the next big project or customer you bring in, but probably not.
  • Your accountant says you are profitable, but your bank account says otherwise. 

We business owners typically try a little bit of this and a little bit of that to see what works. The problem is too many things are working a little bit.

To get the cash flowing, we try to serve all kinds of clients or customers and with all kinds of different needs.

We say “yes” to every opportunity that comes our way because we are determined to make a go of our business.

We pile on the products and offerings, always looking for ways to get the cash flowing.

While this works to help your business survive the first few critical years, it is not a long-term strategy for thriving.

If we continue to operate this way, our businesses become overweight, and the demands are crushing.


We end up with products and offerings that may or may not be profitable.

But we’re so busy with all the demand we created, who has time to stop and pay attention to which customers, clients, products and offerings are the most profitable?

Even though revenue is coming in, our businesses become less and less efficient over time.

This inefficiency is why a business owner bringing in a million or more in revenue can still struggle to meet payroll, laying awake night after night worrying about cash flow.

What Typically Suffers…

iStock_000003554681XSmall You!


You end up working round the clock. Your health suffers, your marriage suffers, and you barely know your kids.

You may be wondering…

Is it possible to transform your business into a highly profitable “Great Place to Work!” that runs without your day-to-day involvement?

Is it possible to double – even triple – your profit in a short period of time?

Is it really possible to finally experience financial security? Is it possible to be on a steady path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

YES!!! If you learn the right strategies!

But …

If most people did the math for the actual trajectory they are on, they would have to work until they are 140 years old!

After all, investors buy businesses, not jobs, because businesses are duplicatable.

A successful business is the key to financial and time freedom.

Imagine feeling genuine TIME FREEDOM. Imagine choosing to work because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to.

Imagine long stretches of time away from the office, doing what you want to do, spending time with family and friends and lengthy vacations at destinations you’ve only imagined in your dreams.

All of these things come from having a successful business.

You don’t need any special talents or aptitudes to have a successful business.

All of the skills you need to transform your business can be learned, and the mindset you need to catapult your business to the next level, can be acquired. You can do this with the right mentoring and support.

But, if you do nothing and continue down the path you are on, it’s a slippery slope. 

Your health will suffer.

No one can keep up the pace you are working indefinitely.

It’s just a matter of time before you have a major health crisis.

Then, who will run the business?

Your marriage will suffer. Your spouse grows more and more frustrated with you.

Your kids will grow up without you around and you miss out on your kids’ childhood.

You forego vacations.

Or, if you finally take that one vacation, you are the one tied to your cellphone while the rest of the family plays at the beach.

And before you know it, you have spent your life slaving to the business, pouring more and more into it, thinking one day you’ll be able to sell your business and retire…

But, there’s no buyer…

Because, honestly, who wants to buy an 80-hour/week J-O-B that pays less than minimum wage?

Investors buy businesses, not jobs.

This does NOT have to be your future. You can make a different choice. 

Others just like you have made that choice. 

Sabrina is essentially the most profitable employee my business has, yet she is not on the payroll. She facilitates me to have insights about my business and myself that no one else can.”


We continue to reach all time revenue highs for our business. And it allows me to disappear as I want. However, it is so much fun being in business that I enjoy going to work. But, I don’t have to. I now like to spend time expanding my business and allowing my employees growth in their careers.

Before working with Sabrina, I was trying to service too many sources and people. As the owner of an outpatient therapy clinic in a small rural setting, I was seeing patients in my clinic, while also trying to service outside contracts, such as outlying school systems, home health care services and Hospice services. I was seeing patients in their homes with safety and home modifications, and performing behind the wheel driving evaluations. I even traveled to a child’s home because his parents were ranchers and could not get him into the clinic. I would provide expert testimony in court for lawyers. I would travel to job sites for ergonomic assessments. I performed pre-employment fit for duty testing for oilfield companies. The list goes on and on. I was accepting any type of patient even if I wasn’t specialized in what they needed.

I had a belief that in a small town, I would have to be the jack-of-all trades to stay in business. I could not specialize or I would go out of business. I was running all over the place, just adding time to my days, at the expense of my time and quality of life.

I came to the conclusion that I did not know how to run a business. I got my pride out of the way, which opened the door for HELP. The most difficult thing for me was accepting help.

I signed up and participated in a free teleconference with Business Psychologist, Dr. Sabrina Starling. As a result, I invested in a year of her services and let her coach me through steps of growth and success. One of the concepts she taught me was the Pumpkin Plan, which includes zeroing in on the ‘Sweet Spot’ of your business. I applied every step of the program to my business, which was not easy.

How could I find my Ideal Client? Well, I thought about that and concluded that the doctors who referred patients to us were our actual clients, not the patients themselves. So we put together a marketing plan to market to our ideal doctors. We then expanded the Pumpkin Plan by reviewing what insurance companies (“payer sources,” as they are called in our industry) pay the best, yet require the least amount of paperwork. I then discovered the demographics of these payer sources that had the least competition from other therapy companies. I asked, ‘Which type of patients are under-serviced?’ Gold mine!! . . . highest reimbursements, lowest headaches and documentation, low competition for these patients . . . now hire therapy specialists to treat these patients. BINGO!!! There was our pumpkin to grow.

We continue to reach all time revenue highs for our business. And it allows me to disappear as I want. However, it is so much fun being in business that I enjoy going to work. But, I don’t have to. I now like to spend time expanding my business and allowing my employees growth in their careers.

I have discovered it is possible for my business to work for me, allowing me freedom to pursue other interests. I have VP’s in place, running the day-to-day operations and reporting to me as needed. Business statistics/metrics are delivered to my e-mail weekly. My Executive Council fills me in weekly on the conditions of each division of the organization. PT and OT Directors are in place overseeing the production of therapists.

I also coach high school hockey, which involves 2 hours of practice daily. I make family a priority, often visiting our relatives 15 hours away. I like to spend school holidays with my boys. One is passionate about hunting and one is passionate about fly-fishing. My time with them is limited before they go off to college. My wife and I like to disappear on our motorcycle or travel with friends. Our business does just fine when we are gone.

Jeff McMenamy
Teton Therapy PC


We’ve more than tripled our profit in just a year’s time!

chuck 2013 006

When Sabrina and I started working together, I was trying to run everything myself. I was impatient and my employees were not productive. I needed to understand how to reach my employees. I was stressed to the max and would blow up at the smallest thing. I knew I needed help. I needed someone to bounce ideas off that would help me make sound decisions.

As I worked with Sabrina, I came to understand my personality and how to communicate with people who have different personality types. I started to listen to my employees and they began listening to me.  Since then, my employees and I have made tremendous strides in improving communication. I have learned to go down the learning path instead of making assumptions that were often wrong and caused me a lot of worry. I am now thinking rather than reacting to situations, and I have learned how to have conversations without getting emotional (what a difference this makes!).

From coaching with Sabrina, I have received education, patience, listening skills and coaching skills. I am creating systems, making the company more profitable and productive. 

 Business is booming and we are more profitable.

 We are at our goal of 10% profit for the year. Our profit has increased from $53,000 to $185,000, so we’ve more than tripled our profit in just a year’s time.

 I have people who want to work for me and who want to help me do my job. People come to work with smiles on their faces! Better yet, this is a place where I want to come to work.

Sabrina has helped me become a totally different person, both at home and at work. My employees have noticed how I have changed. Work is not so much work now. I see the results of being a coach to my employees.

As for working with Sabrina, I appreciate that she won’t tell me the answer, but she will sure help me come up with one that is right for our business. She has the ability to help with anything I have thrown at her whether it is personal, family, or business. I have recommended Sabrina to a lot of people. She has the skills to help anyone become better than what they are. I am a better husband, father, coach, co-worker, and employer because of her.

Chuck Parmely
Owner, The Overhead Door Company of Riverton-Lander

Others, just like you, have transformed their businesses from cash-and-time sucking monsters into highly profitable, “Great Places to Work!”

You are just 1 step away from taking your business through this very same transformation!

You will come away knowing the critical next steps to take to transform your business into a highly profitable, “Great Places to Work!”


From Status Quo to Exceptional!
What Clients Say…

If you’re really serious about growing your business, I can say with confidence that you won’t find anyone better than Sabrina to help you do it.

I have worked closely with Sabrina for almost two years now, and I’ve personally spoken with her clients. Sabrina’s clients stick with her for years for one reason: she helps them get results.

Donna Leyens – President